Polly Wales is the creative force behind her eponymous brand of handcrafted fine jewelry. Building a loyal cult following of fine jewelry tastemakers, Polly Wales’ designs are sought after for their distinctive rough luxe aesthetic that is imperfect in its beauty.

Polly, who founded the company 5 years ago, takes pride in the collection’s unique design and cast-in-place technique. Each piece is intimately handcrafted, while intuitive stone arrangement and composition are integral facets of Polly’s design process.

Polly, who spent her formative years in London and free-spirited Brighton in England, always had a strong affinity for the arts. She studied sculpture early on and later studied jewellery at The Royal College of Art in London. Although Polly is a classically trained fine artist, she has always had a penchant for breaking the mold.

“I found that jewellery, rather than sculpture, allowed me to make pieces that spoke directly to more people…I loved making for making’s sake and creating a final product from an aesthetic view point rather than one based on theory and rules,” she says.

Through jewellery, Polly set out to make pieces that molded and evolved along with the person wearing it. The treasured relationship with the piece of jewellery would become more and more precious over the years. This philosophy compelled Polly to explore her now signature casting process and develop the look that has become synonymous with the collection.

“I think I have a very irreverent attitude towards the way that jewellery should be made. I love the chaos in my process. I think if there wasn’t that chaos, designing wouldn’t be so thrilling for me. I love being able to let go and seeing what comes out after casting. That’s the exciting part. The chaos, the madness; the unpredictability of the jewellery is what keeps it going…what keeps it alive,” Poly exclaims.

It’s this approach that ensures the collection’s inimitability. Most importantly, it’s a pledge and promise from Polly Wales that each piece is made with thoughtful integrity.



The cast-in-place process, which has become the backbone of Polly’s work, is a convergence of unbridled elements where ethical gemstones are cast, not set, into 18-carat recycled gold. This unique process stems from the ancient lost-wax casting technique of making jewellery in wax.

Polly’s partner James, who comes from a sculptural background, would set out to become a caster to preserve the quality of Polly’s pieces as they came to fruition. James built the casting machines by hand, which refined Polly’s signature process and brought manufacturing in-house, ensuring that Polly’s vision permeated through each piece.

Additionally, Polly is committed to honoring conscientious best practices and staunchly supports social responsibility. She only uses sustainable materials such as reclaimed 18-carat gold and ethical gemstones. Polly’s in-house production means allows the ability to make sure every piece of material is used and not wastefully scrapped.



In 2016, Polly Wales opened its Los Angeles office in one of downtown L.A.’s most historic buildings. Taking over the 2,500 square foot space, the team has planted a flag on the West Coast with full design and manufacturing capabilities and offices with sales, business development, and marketing departments.

The thoughtful, purpose-built space houses a dedicated design studio and casting house intended to maintain the integrity of each piece. Polly has also built up an intimate creative collective whose personalities and passions shape the overarching brand ethos. Each artisan has an invested interest in ensuring that each piece of jewellery maintains the same high standard of excellence. This approach is manifested in both the finished piece and in the working standards of the highly skilled team of artists and jewelers.

The dedicated team at Polly Wales is committed to offering patrons the highest level of customer service, and strives to build invaluable relationships with customers. Ensuring that every order is handled with attentive care and consideration is the utmost priority for Polly’s team.



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