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Besting Tiffany’s and Ivanka Trump at their own game is just another jewel in the crown of the LA-based maker.

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by Laura Studarus

BACKSTORY: A trained sculptor from the UK who has found her true calling in fine, handcrafted jewelry
FROM: Los Angeles via London
YOU MIGHT KNOW HER AS: The creator and … Read more


Jewelry Designer


“I wanted to disrupt the idea that jewelry is this pristine thing.”

Growing up, I always wanted to be an artist—it was part of my DNA. I studied sculpture. It was the 1990s and I was deep in the throes of the Brit Art movement. It was a very conceptual time in art. … Read more

Best IN Bridal

This past weekend saw the Couture Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas with multiple designers entering into various categories. This is Polly’s third year in attendance at Couture’s Design Atelier and third time round is certainly third time lucky….with Polly and the team winning the Best in Bridal award for the above diamond ring trio, comprising … Read more

2016 Ourika Colour Shield Ring Trio 2 18Y web

It’s been a mean feat keeping it under wraps for so long in advance of Couture…but now it’s finally online!

The Ourika Collection is steeped in the mysticism and venerable traditions of nomadic desert tribes. The collection draws its inspiration from bold shapes and color arrangements found in hand-made Berber tapestries, distinctive tribal patterning and antique … Read more

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 22.50.53

A huge influence behind upcoming collection Ourika… we shall drop our u’s and be Californian yet..

Newness in the making

Ourika shield

SO much more of this to come…but here’s an early peek. We’ll be launching the full collection at the end of this month..so keep your eyes peeled for special offers…

LA Where Magazine

Open Sign

This past weekend the team hosted a sample sale to celebrate the opening of our new studio, workshop and showroom in downtown Los Angeles. The new premises occupies 1000q ft in one of downtown’ oldest buildings, now dedicated entirely to the jewellery industry.

For the first time ever we threw open the doors to followers and … Read more

Sample Sale

white gold

At last….Crystals in 18ct white gold. For the ice queens and futuristics….maybe it is all possible…



03 2016 Le Figaro


Moving her premises to LA has allowed Polly to properly accommodate her whole team, comprising wax-workers, goldsmiths, creative and support admin, photographer and most recently – her partner James’ gold casting set-up. All production is therefore now in-house, a feature which Polly sees as vital to being able to maintain her aesthetic while also ensuring … Read more

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 16.50.04

L.A. Magazine interview Polly about her recent move to the U.S.:

Jewelry designer Polly Wales has relocated her studio, workshop, and team of artisans from the U.K. to a 2,500-square-foot-space in downtown Los Angeles that will also house a showroom and consultation services.

Known for her ethereal style, Wales’s jewelry is created by casting precious stones directly into 18-karat … Read more

Colours and visions of the future

Twas the night before Christmas…

Dec 15 National Jeweler


Just this week featured in National Jeweler’s TrendTrack of interesting bridal jewellery. See the whole gallery here….

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.49.58


An interview with Polly about her forthcoming move to the US with National Jeweller magazine….

British designer Polly Wales is bringing most of her team across the pond next year to set up shop stateside.

In January, Wales will move her studio, workshop and core team of artisan wax-workers and goldsmiths to a building in downtown Los Angeles. … Read more

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 07.59.31


A seasonal feature this month in the international jewellery trend magazine Women’s Watches & Jewels.

Harlequin Rapunzel ring 18Y copy

Our Harlequin Rapunzel Ring features IN London Magazine’s latest gift-buying guide online…find it at Liberty’s now!

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 15.09.20

Vogue Germany cover


Our Crystal Ring with Mixed Cut Green Sapphires adds some sparkle to this summer time folk fashion feature…

Solitaire Cover



Miner’s Cut Rapunzel Ear Cuffs here featured by Asia-Pacific fine jewellery magazine Solitaire: full article here: Solitaire 76 Mix & Match

Day of the Dead Shoot | weheartpictures-0034

Baguette Sapphire & Diamond Rapunzel Ring18Y copy


Baguettes are having their stylistic day in the sun, again, after falling out of fashion for a long while. It’s fun to watch designers rediscover this previous side-liner and put them center stage in the middle of interesting new designs as the main event.

There’s something very fresh about a burst of diamond baguettes or a … Read more

Coco8 w white rose cut diam & bags 18Y


They say what’s old is new again and that certainly pertains to the current time traveler trend of mixing vintage with new. Designers are having fun foraging for antiquities and memorabilia to add to their contemporary designs to create a new era of design mash-ups. From Roman coins to Victorian portraits, there’s a rich history … Read more



The term “basic” probably isn’t one you want attributed to your engagement ring. While classic, solitaire diamond styles are lovely (and by no means boring), they are not everyone’s first choice. Thankfully, they’re also far from being the only choice. Alternative stones and symbols — like tourmalines and ouroboros — are also bathing in the … Read more

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 08.43.08

Brides have included Polly’s Coco Shield ring in their selection of unique engagement rings here…we’re number 6 and we’re amidst great company!



To scroll the full list, please see here.

Rainbow Precious


Our Rainbow Halo Necklace makes the rainbow smile in this nice little compilations from Edelweiss…

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 15.51.59


Another nod from Refinery 29 in this feature on Zodiac Birthstones. Apparently yellow sapphire is Virgo’s birthstone. What is yours?

NY Times


Apparently plunging necklines and long pendants are the new Valentines gifts. See the whole article here.

Cosmo wedding

A particularly pretty green square diamond Halo ring in rose-gold, married with a stunning Lauren Wolf piece in this beautiful wedding, covered by Cosmopolitan magazine. See here for the full story.


Where LA

“Artfully imperfect” we are…according to Where magazine’s list of loves in LA (we’re number 19.)

Miners Cut Baguette Diamonds


Miner’s cut diamonds (also known as old mine cut, or old miner cut) are antique stones hand-cut by craftsmen from the diamond mines in India during the 19th century. A round miner’s cut is the earliest form of a modern brilliant-cut diamond, proportioned to capture and bounce out light in much the same way as antique … Read more

Cats Eyes


Cats Eyes. New sapphire and diamond Halo eternities lining up on Lucy’s bench.

Star fish


Someone’s been to San Francisco aquarium…..

Liam Wylie Collage 8, 2010

Collage 8, 2010 by Liam Wylie



Enjoying ANother Magazine’s feature on the Art of Mountains, but mostly Liam Wylie’s inverted collages of mountains looking like gems…

Collage 10, 2010 by Liam Wylie

Casting tree

A rare glimpse into Polly’s process…

New Twist Holiday Guide


Happy to see a simple little Crystal stack here making it into New Twist’s top picks for the month!


Marlene Dietrich in Shanghai Express (1932) by Don English; Paramount Pictures – Heritage Auctions 

There’s a running theme behind our Arcade rings at the moment…each being named after a female film, music or fashion icon from the early 20th century. Our latest two pieces featuring green sapphires and antique diamonds take the name of the epic, … Read more

discovered black diamond ring


Ancient treasure remains an eternal source of inspiration. This unusual ring, possibly dating as far back as the 11th century, was discovered by metal detector John Stevens in a muddy field in his home county of Leicestershire. Featuring an extremely rare black diamond (rarer then than now) it is likely to have belonged to someone … Read more

sand-dollar Michael Melford

There are old beachcombers tales that talk of sand dollars as lost coins belonging to mermaids or the people of Atlantis.

To others they are the skeletons of sea creatures related to the starfish and the sea urchin. They live buried in the sand in coastal waters and can be found washed up at low tide after … Read more

New Twist











Polly’s diamond Crystal Hook & Disc earrings made it into Colleen from New Twist’s final cut this week…see here.

New Twist

Look what just arrived in our inbox….

Goldsmiths Chandelier


At least it was at Goldsmiths Fair….

Raj Studs


Little known and infrequently seen in these parts… a rare sighting of not just one but two pairs of Raj studs in the making is always worthy of a snap…


Are they? Aren’t they? Carly’s Waito’s hyper-real still lifes of minerals and gems shows them in a whole new light… http://www.carlywaito.com




Blue Oval Sapphire Halo Ring


1.2ct of blue rose-cut pear sapphires set off with three tiny grey brilliant diamonds and two baguettes.

Tapered Baguette Halo Ring


A super slim Halo version of Polly’s statement Atrium Ring, here on a 1.5mm band with 0.75ct inverse-set emerald and baguette diamonds.

Champagne Square Halo Ring


A gorgeous, warm ring with almost a carat of fancy cut champagne diamonds.

Martha Stewart


We’re in!

Ever since Mr. Big proposed to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City 2 with one, the black diamond engagement ring has been gaining devotees. Attribute the trend to Carrie’s enduring fashion influence, or simply to a growing love of the look itself. Nothing says you’re one of a kind like a gem the color of … Read more

Venus Ring

By the time U.K.-based jewelry designer Polly Wales debuted her Deco-esque diamond Arcade collection at Couture 2014, it had been a labor of love for some time.

“This is the first time I’ve been able to cast faceted diamonds directly into the gold,” she explains. “This is a massive shift in my collection. I’ve gone from … Read more


The 5th Professional Jeweller Hot 100 was revealed at a spectacular industry party at Freemasons’ Hall, London, on September 1. The Professional Jeweller Hot 100 is an annual celebration of 100 movers and shakers from the UK jewellery industry that have showcased innovation, business development and design skills over the past 12 months.

Polly is proud … Read more

Refinery 29

See the full article here….

September Sapphires

A maiden born when September leaves
Are rustling in September’s breeze,
A sapphire on her brow should bind
`Twill cure diseases of the mind.

Then September must surely be the month for us!


 Pictured above: Lucy lines up mixed-cut sapphires in juicy colours for our Harlequin rings…



wall mosaic

Glass rod wall mosaic. Arcade.


NY Now

We’re back in the studio this week after our sojourn to the US for the NY NOW show. Polly and our NY sales representative Andrea showcased our current collection together with the new Halo pieces while Heidi and Lucy took the time to visit our NY stockists in person and finally put some faces to familiar names.


Cognac Pyramid Diamonds

Technically speaking they are sawn octahedrons. In the Polly Wales studio we know them as pyramid diamonds and they’ve provided the leading inspiration behind the first piece for Polly’s fine diamond collection Arcade…..the Cleo Ring. The cool thing about these diamonds is that that have not been faceted…rather used in their natural octahedron form and simply … Read more

Klondike Gold Rush

….in 1896, gold was discovered for the first time in the Yukon territory in Canada, promoting the Klondike (or Yukon) Gold Rush.

The Jewelry Book


Big thanks to Brooke and the Jewelry Book team for featuring our Carousel drop earrings in this summer’s Editor’s Picks……  strings of thirteen crystal discs studded with mixed-cut sapphires in Harlequin colours (far left image.)

Multiple Halo ring stack


A stack of some our new Halo rings…recently previewed at the NY NOW show and soon to be seen at Goldsmith’s Fair too.  This is a pared-down collection all based upon a 1.5mm Halo band, featuring super-slim mini-beetle rings, diamond-studded bangles, unusual underside shank embellishments on some rings and lots of kite, pyramid and heart-shaped … Read more

Rapunzel eternity stack


It’s been a while, but our Rapunzel collection has not been forgotten! It continues to grow and develop….and this is what a stack of our current Rapunzel diamond eternity bands looks like….here in rose-cut, Miner’s cut, cognac, champagne, big, small, white, baguette, and inverse-set….

desk chaos

Things are getting busy….in preparation for NY Now, Goldsmiths Fair and Paris….



WhoWhatWear feature our Holiday in Venice ring in response to Vogue’s declaration that  “diamond rings are just no longer cool.” See the rest of the lineup here.

Halo preview


Check out these rings from Polly’s latest mini-collection, Halo. They are all based upon a super-slim 1.5mm Halo band, and feature mini diamond beetle-settings, fairytale-like kite diamonds, grey brilliant diamonds and unusual embellished details on the underside of the finger. The collection will be debuting at NY Now in just a few weeks time.

Garbo Ring


Oh the Garbo! Our newest fine diamond piece from the Arcade collection….now online :)

Love Gold feature


This week gold jewellery blog LoveGold featured our sapphire-encrusted Spinning Disc, crystal disc and Swallows Dive pendants :)   http://www.lovegold.com


Garden Gems


How apt that July’s birthstone is the ruby….

Goldsmith's Fair


“The gleaming Ruby should adorn,
All those who in July are born,
For thus they’ll be exempt and free,
From lover’s doubts and anxiety.”

Found in exotic locations such as Africa and East Asia, July’s birthstone is derived from the Latin word “ruber” meaning “red”, reflecting the color of the stone.

This month, we feature the handcrafted jewellery … Read more

July 2014 Refinery29

For the full guide by Refinery 29, see here. We’re in good company!

Wall St Journal


LIKE MOST GUYS, Roderick Hood, a director at Citigroup, assumed that once he raised the topic of marriage with his then-girlfriend, a search for a ring would follow. As it turned out, she had something else in mind.

“I always said, ‘I don’t want an engagement ring,’ ” said Mr. Hood’s now-wife, Ana Maria Pimentel, fashion … Read more

Crystal bracelets


At long last…two new bracelets for our Crystal collection.


We're going to Couture

On the road again! Polly is on her way to our most important event to date this year…Couture Las Vegas. Taking up residence in the Couture Design Atelier for the duration of the show, Polly will be showcasing our Crystal and Rapunzel collections at their most splendid and replete – now (at last!) available with cast-in-place … Read more


Atrium Ring

Yes, yes….yes!

The newly-made and newly-named Atrium ring….after Deco glasshouses, pavilions and atrium foyers. Featuring a large inverse-set emerald cut diamond.





LA Times May 2014


The LA Times features our Cloud Diamond Beetle Ring in this feature on non-traditional wedding and engagement pieces….see online article here.


Look book Shoot


With the current theme being “all-new” ‘n all…..we thought it about time to take some new images to grace our new website. The past week has been a flurry of making, compiling and styling in preparation for this week’s mood shoot at the medieval and Tudor manor house of Lypiatt Park.

Here is just one of the … Read more

Imperfect Perfection

We love this article…..couldn’t have written it better ourselves:

Once there was a girl who was getting married. Her kind boyfriend knew her well, and knew that she would like to choose her own ring, so she started on her journey to find one. Far too busy filling her life with cool things like her fulfilling … Read more

Couture Currency


Myriad crystal discs just waiting to be made into something special for Couture 2014……



Polly works up to her first piece for Couture…


In the space of just a few months we can barely recognise ourselves.

Early March saw our jewellery team moving from our tiny home-based studio to a beautiful, newly-refurbed office and workshop in the centre of town. Our new (white, bright, light) space carries an air of great potential that feels terribly exciting…already allowing us to triple … Read more

Art Jewelry Forum


Shibumi Gallery, Berkeley, California, USA
Missy Graff

Polly WalesOpulence was on display from February 4–24 at Shibumi Gallery, located in Berkeley, California, USA. This exhibition featured works by two British jewelry artists—Polly Wales and Jo Hayes Ward. In this interview, Polly and Jo provide us with insight about their process and the … Read more

New York Observer


The next time you breakfast at Tiffany’s, put down your Danish, and take a look at the display of intense, smoky blue diamond rings on the second floor. Gone are the peppy pastels and yellow stones that accompanied Gatsby last spring. It’s winter, it’s cold, and when it comes to jewelry, the mood is decidedly … Read more

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